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What is Digital Marketing?

If you type this question into Google, you’ll find thousands of different answers. For us, digital marketing can be simplified into any form of marketing that uses (or relies on) electronic devices. Often, people think digital marketing needs to be online, but this simply isn’t true. For one thing, radios have been around for many years and they fall into the ‘electronic’ definition.

Therefore, we believe there are two sides to digital marketing: offline and online.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Despite the many changes we’ve seen in the world, companies still want the same thing: to reach new consumers. These days, most people spend their time on electronics whether it’s on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, computer, games console, etc. According to one report from Statistica, Americans are awake for between 16 and 18 hours per day. Of this time, we spend over 10 hours using some form of electronic media (this includes radio, live TV, and DVD/Blu-Ray players too).

Without digital marketing in your strategy, you’re missing out on a large portion of your market. As we’re going to discover today, customers looking for restaurants or hair salons aren’t remembering the leaflets through the door anymore. Instead, they look online.

In this guide, we’re going to explain the key offline and online digital marketing strategies.

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