Animated Explainer video company for your bussiness

Animated Explainer video company for your business

By which way explainer videos are helpful in increasing the sales.

In the age of digital media and with millions of new people accessing internet every day for the first time, the methods to make a strong online presence has varied a lot in the last couple of years. But, out of all these variations, one concept which has established itself in the digital market is explainer videos. Explainer video company.  

Explainer videos helpful for all industries like: Healthcare, Entertainment, IT firms, appellate attorneys, Brownstone Law Firm, appeals lawyers, Big Industries, small business, Local business, service-oriented business, website owners, e-commerce, etc.

Explainer videos are the short videos which are full of entertaining element and serves accurate information to the user in a very short span of time. Explainer videos simply ‘explains’ the product cum services of the company to prospects and clears the confusion in their mind related to the company and their concept.

The explainer videos have helped the companies a lot in engaging their audience, increasing their brand value and getting more conversions which they used to get from the traditional methods.

The first ever explainer video was seen back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft produced one for the micro blogging giant Twitter. The video demonstrated to how to use the web and it became really popular. It not only helped the people in understanding what exactly Twitter is, but it made the web trending among the people. The video became successful and got more than 10 million views.

Explainer videos have turned out be a revolutionary concept for companies and helped them in reaching out to more and more people and making their brand trending.

Ways in which explainer videos helped companies

  1. Clear presentation clarifies objective of Product

Explainer videos are the simplest method used to convey information about the products cum services to people. The animated videos uses the combination of text, graphics, speech and motion and makes the process of communication killer. It helps in connecting better with the potential people who will become the customers in the coming time. That’s why these videos are chosen over the other competitors.

Animated Explainer video company for your bussiness
Animated Explainer video company for your bussiness
  1. Simplicity Generates increased interest

Explainer videos enforces standards in the videos and the concept is reduced into just 90 to 150 seconds or 150 to 300 words. This practices puts a check on the product’s presentation quality and thus solution is served in the best possible manner. Thus, this effective presentation catches the attention of the viewer and the interest is increased towards the video, indirectly to the product.

  1. Sharing leads to Viral

In the age of social media, once a specific content is liked by a particular visitor, the possibility of that content to be shared is 90%, according to many studies. Since the explainer videos are very interesting, creative and engages the audience, thus on sharing these videos with other people, they becomes viral and more to more people starts liking the post and more traffic is generated on the website.

  1. Better ranking in search engines

According to statistics, the websites with text content only don’t do well. According to Google, they carries less exposure and thus their rank becomes very low in search rankings. But the case is different with websites containing videos. The presence of video makes the user stick to website and making him engaged, which results in the improved ranking of the webpage.

  1. Explainer videos brings increases sales

It is a very true statement. The explainer videos helps the visitor in feel connected with the company and a better personality of your business is served to the potential customer. It makes the old phrase come true – ‘People Buy from People’. Thus, these explainer videos elaborates the concept to people, engages them and increases the sales.

Explainer videos helps in increasing the sales of a company as they attracts more visitor to their website as they have interesting and entertaining content which helps in understanding the business and getting conversions.

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