Animated Typography video company

Animated Typography video company

Majority of the companies have been attracted towards the awesomeness of explainer videos and have started to use it as a tool to get more people visiting their websites and getting more sales and expanding their business. In the age of digital media, the domain of explainer videos have become really popular as the videos are filled with entertaining and informative attributes and lasts for only 1 to 3 minutes. Animated Typography video company.

Animated typography
Animated typography

An explainer video is a special type of video which is created with the help of animation and the objective of these videos is to explain the complex ideas, products and series of a company to people in a simple way. They helps in making people understand about the objective of the company so that their perception can improve towards the services of the company.

When it comes to choosing an explainer video for the brand, there are many types of explainer videos out of which, one suitable is chosen according to the business and the audience which is to be targeted.



Types of explainer videos

  1. 2D Animation Videos
  2. 5D Animation Videos
  3. Stop Motion Explainer Videos
  4. Infographic Videos
  5. Whiteboard Animated videos
  6. Live Action Explainer Videos
  7. Typography Videos
  8. Screen Cast Videos
  9. Music only Videos
  10. iPad/iPhone Videos
  11. Testimonial Explainer Videos

All the types are awesome in itself but according to different businesses, each have their own pros and cons, the company choose one which fits in their business the best.

Out of all these, one special kind of explainer videos is “Typography explainer videos”. Typography videos are also known as ‘Kinetic Typography’. It is true that words speaks a lot and this kind of explainer videos are best suit for sharing inspiring texts and messages in a sequential manner.

The primary feature of these videos which makes them popular and interesting is that they are very creative in style and thus helps in engaging a large section of society towards them. Moreover, they are easy to create and are not too expensive as well. It uses typographic fonts to elaborate the idea in a very sober manner.

This type of idea is best for people who loves books and reading is their passion. Thus these videos conveys messages in a much enhanced way than content articles and books. In these videos, the text message is not stationary, it is flexible and shown in motion to the context to elaborate the concept.

Using the typography explainer video in the business as a home page video or landing video using multiple types of text fonts and variable size makes the content more compelling as it has following elements:

  1. Evokes emotions at right time
  2. Emphasis is laid on specified messages
  3. Builds the sense of urgency to take quick actions

The typography videos are used to serve many purposes which helps brands to boost. These purposes may be classified as –

  1. Promotional Content

The Kinetic typography explainer videos are best used to present the information and stats of the company. The content can be embedded on the homepage of website or simply uploaded on Youtube.


  1. Music Video

The use of typography explainer videos in music domain is very important. They are used to display the lyrics of a song in music video. This method is used by companies who are yet to release their official music but have released their lyrics. Additionally, these lyrics helps in understanding the context of the song.


  1. Educational Purposes

If one has the motive to increase the awareness of audience of social issues, kinetic typography is the best style which accomplishes the work in the best way.


The typography videos are the most amazing when they are used with correct illustrations, fonts and music and the message is delivered in the most effective manner.


Typography explainer videos are the most unique style of explainer videos as it serves the emotions in a best way in form of text with a background music.

Best appeals lawyers also use typography animation videos because law material easily explains by typography videos.

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