Best Animated explainer video company in India

Best Animated explainer video company in India

How much length an explainer video should be?

The use of explainer videos have increased a lot in the past couple of years and more enterprises – small or big have started to use them in their business in order to make their presence strong in front of the digital media which has a market of over 2 billion people and increasing at a rapid speed.

An explainer video is a short video which is full of informative and entertaining elements which explains the concept of a company to the user in an efficient manner. They eliminates the complexity of a problem which user faces when they visit the website for the first time.

The phenomena behind the working of explainer videos is brain science which conveys that if the resources are used in a best possible manner, they are the most powerful medium to deliver the message to its intended user. The reason these videos attract a huge audience is that they use both auditory and visual senses which makes them interesting and the user feels connected to it.

Now that, the use of explainer videos have been explained, its time to figure out the ideal duration of an explainer video. Since these videos are used to explain the concept of any company to the viewer, the primary thing that needs to be taken care of is that the length should not be set too short or too long as if either of the case occurs, the user will feel disconnected himself from the concept and a negative image is delivered to him which is not helpful at any moment.

On an average, the ideal range of an explainer video is considered between 90 to 150 seconds with 120 seconds domain is the best. But it is a generalized case and in person, each second matters.

Length of explainer videos

To figure out the length that explainer video should carry, three points should be clarified prior to moving on the solution. The three points are –

  1. What is the motive of explainer video?
  2. Where will be the video placed? Home page, blog, YouTube, landing page?
  3. What action you want from the user once the video is finished?

The third point is very important considering the situation that the company wants a perfect call to action plan for their idea and concept.

The primary point which is very important to consider is that never decide the length of your explainer video by looking at someone other’s video because your business varies from others in a very significant manner.

Best Animated explainer video company in India
Best Animated explainer video company in India

Some points to make things better

  1. To be informative in style, videos should be cut to length.

These videos should neither be too short nor are too long as both the cases very harmful for the business.

  1. A specific purpose should be served in video

Decide prior that what information should be given in message, what points should be discussed. Keep the video simple and serve one idea at a time.

  1. Make first few seconds of the video worth

It is the most important and emphasizing point. The first impression lasts the long and in order to make the first impression impressive, it becomes extremely essential to grab the eye-balls of the viewer. It’s the first few seconds in which the user gives the thought that whether he will continue with video or not.

It is not possible to give a specific figure of seconds that this should be the ideal length of explainer video. Sometimes a 30 second video works perfectly for a use case and at times, a video over 3 minutes of length also falls short of providing whole info. Hence, in order to decide the length of video, the business plan should be studies thoroughly.

explainer videos have a strong point that they are short in length but its important to analyze that length as well. The average duration of an explainer video is 90 to 150 seconds.


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