Best explainer video company in India

Best explainer video company in India

The explainer videos have arrived as a boom in the industry which has revolutionized the way in which marketing was done prior to their existence. The explainer videos are very different from the traditional strategies, highly innovative, people love them and most importantly, it catches the attention of the viewers, which helps in engaging the audience towards the products and services. Best explainer video company in India.

explainer video company
explainer video company

In many studies, it has been revealed that the use of explainer videos have helped brands in increasing their conversions up to 50% in their business, which is a significant figure. The short, fun and informative explainer videos have eliminated the traditional videos and conventional text from marketing strategy of companies and all the companies are moving forward to the use of the animated explainer videos in their business.

The average duration of an explainer video is 1 to 3 minutes and within this short duration, they stick the viewer to the video and a simple solution is served to him for a complex problem.

The first ever professional explainer video was seen back in 2007 when a company known as Common Craft designed for Twitter. The video demonstrated the use of the micro blogging giant and it became an instant hit and got more than 10 million views.

To create an explainer video, it takes a team of highly motivated people, who are expert in their work, can think out of the box and are ready for every challenge. With all these attributes present in them, the companies who hold them becomes really special and leaves a special charm.

The charm of the explainer video companies are:

  1. Their project video has more probability of being watched

Yes, it is the biggest truth of the explainer videos and the companies who are producing them. The reason to justify this statement is that an explainer video is short, fun and informative. The entertaining part present in it in the form of animated characters make it entertaining and attracts the viewer to watch the video.  The live action videos like TV commercials are produced using simple dynamics and thus makes brain think in live streams, whereas in explainer video, the presence of animated characters and toons makes them really interesting.

  1. Gives the Freedom to Express Brand in a way in which you have imagined

You have read it correctly. In a traditional video, an actor is seen demonstrating the product or service and a dramatic concept is used. On the other hand, when an animated explainer video is used, the stage is set to use your imagination and explain your concepts using life like graphics, visual metaphors and isolating moments helps in targeting audience in a well furnished manner and gives the utter entertainment to the viewer. May be the viewer does not turns up as a customer, but he will definitely return to watch the next explainer video and this is a real success for the company and all the credit for this wonder goes to the brands who design the amazing explainer videos.

  1. They helps you focus on telling your brand story

While going for a traditional video, there are a lot of resources required to be taken care of. From camera to equipment, from actor to supporting staff, location, lights and so many other things. But when it comes to explainer videos, the designer and the animator helps in building the world which you have imagined once and that too using a computer only. This is the real beauty of explainer video companies.

Explainer video companies have got lot of positivity in them hence attracts a lots of customers from all domains and attracted lots of audience of the digital world. Best explainer video company in India.

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