White Board Explainer Video


White Board Explainer Video

The white board explainer video is one of the easiest ways to produce and also one of the best ways to explain a product. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to produce an explainer video for a product. This is a technique where a traditional whiteboard is used by an artist, who draws on an actual whiteboard when it is being recorded by a camera.

In recent times such videos have become fully digital, yet it appears exactly like the classic one. There are also a few companies who go a step further and add some 2D character animation with special effects. Such techniques are of educational nature and are capable of explaining the most complex information in an easy way. There are various benefits of using the white board technique for producing an explainer video.


– It pushes the recognition of the brand

Whiteboard animation is not just cost effective to produce but is also a great way to push the message the manufacturers of the product are trying to convey to the target audience. It is also a great way to improve the overall brand recognition. Such techniques are still used as an effective marketing tool that is used by the companies to increase the awareness of their products. These videos help to spread awareness in the markets and put an effective influence on the competitors as well.

– Good for improving website traffic

Website traffic is the recent trend on the World Wide Web and also for the commercial companies. When a video is uploaded on a website it is viewed and is linked to share with other websites too. In this way the traffic for the website increases and improves the marketing budget so that more focus can be put on other critical areas related to business operation.

– Good for understanding the most difficult ideas

Writing on the whiteboard helps to convey the message in the simplest way to a set of employees or students. Message conveyed through whiteboard animations can help to improve learning as well as message retention.

– Helps to increase sales

What can be a better way to give a visual treat for the prospective customers, instead of allowing them to read an entire manual of a product. A user will always prefer to get visual information instead of taking efforts to read information about the product. Since the information has been conveyed easily to the users, it also helps to increase the sales of the product. These days customers do not spend much time over research but look for quick information so that the purpose is solved fast. Text alone can be tough to convey to the prospective customers, but when it is accompanied by a whiteboard explainer video it can become easy to reach the target customers.


There can be different options to make an explainer video but the traditional whiteboard technique can still be an effective method to convey information about products and services. These days’ different techniques have been developed for posting such explainer videos.

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