explainer video companies in India

2D Stylish explainer video companies in India

The explainer videos have emerged out as one of the best concept which is used to boost the brand among people and reach out to maximum prospects to get maximum sales. In the age of digital media and billions of people using internet, the explainer video turns out to be the most innovative technique which is used to optimize the products cum services of a company and expand their reach to the people. explainer video companies in India.

explainer video companies in India
explainer video companies in India

The explainer video is also termed as the home page video or landing video on a website and gains the maximum attention of the user as they not only consists the accurate information about the product but also carries the entertaining attribute in it. This makes them stand out in all available techniques, and that’s why companies are loving it and are ready to invest a lot to get an awesome explainer video for their business.

The explainer videos not only engages audience at a big scale but also helps the companies in boosting their conversions and at times, they have experienced an increased conversion rate of up to 50% in their businesses.

There are numerous types of explainer videos to choose from. Some of them are 3D animated videos, Live action explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos and so many words. But, out of all these, there is 1 special type of animated video which is very popular among people, that is, the 2D animation explainer video. They are the most widely used concept and the best feature is, they are easy to create and not too expensive, hence business with low budget can afford them as well.

Here are the some projects in which 2D animation is used at present:

  1. Business intros
  2. Products intros
  3. Story Narrating
  4. Training
  5. Explainers
  6. Information
  7. Software demo
  8. Mobile app demo
  9. Product demo
  10. Process dome

In 2D animation videos, the characters and the scenes, both are used and created in a 2 dimensional space using perspective so that the order of illusion can be created from the depth. These videos are the best choice for businesses with B2B and B2C concepts as it evokes emotions and appeals directly to the audience and thus making it the best content in its type.

Best companies for 2D Explainer Videos in India

  1. Magic Spangle – magicspangle.com

A company based in New Delhi, India has produced some of the most effective videos for their clients. They are specialized in all kinds of explainer videos, but out of all these, there 2D explainer videos are the most amazing. From Samsung to Aircel, to KPMG to Media Heads, all these top brands and companies are their clients and they have served them with their awesome work. The studio is not limited to explainer videos alone, but also provides services in Game designing and development, Films and TV series, graphic designing and much more. They have got an experienced in-house team which is ready for all kinds of challenges and have many out of the box ideas for complex problems. They call their office as an ‘art plcae’ where creative minds stay.

Connect to Magic Spangle –

1st Floor

A26, Chattarpur Extension
New Delhi, India

Although there are many more companies established in India which are doing some amazing work in this concept and helping their clients in completing their business targets and have achieved a lot as a brand. The scope of explainer videos is still very vast and people are coming up to it at a fast pace.

explainer video companies in India are special type of videos which are created using images and objects and widely used by people as they are affordable and easy to produce.


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