Fast explainer video companies in India

Fast explainer video companies in India

Explainer videos are those short videos which are created in order to explain the concept, products and services of a company to their people so that they can become the customers.  Fast explainer video companies.

An explainer video is a short video whose duration lies in the range of 1 to 3 minutes and are filled with fun, entertaining and informative elements.

It is scientifically proven that a human mind remembers the most that he watches, hence an explainer video helps in retaining more information in the mind of a human. One of the best part of this domain which makes it highly popular that the explainer videos are straight to the point.

Fast explainer video companies
Fast explainer video companies

They don’t take much time of the viewer and the user understands the concept of the project on the first go.

In order to create a highly effective explainer video, a team of enthusiasts is required who have ideas out of the box and can think creative solutions for critical problems and are ready for any kind of challenges.

The explainer video simply works on the concept of brain science. In an explainer video, both visual and auditory senses are used, which makes it interesting enough to be watched by all sort of people globally.

To create an animated explainer video, it usually take 6 stages and to accomplish these stages successfully and then compiling the work together to create an amazing video, the process goes on for 8 to 12 weeks on an average and vary according to the requirement of the project.

The 6 stages to design an animated video are:

1 – Research and Scripting
2 – Style and Illustration
3 – Storyboarding
4 – Voiceover
5 – Animation
6 – Sound Effects & Music

There are many companies present around the world who take many projects and successfully finish them in a short period and makes their clients happy and satisfied with their work.

Some of the fast explainer video companies are:

  1. Video Chef –

A company located in the United States is one of the prestigious company in the domain of explainer videos. They gives their clients a new reason to sell their products. The videos which are created by Video Chef gives the products and services a new life and the brand shines with these attributes.

They designs visual animated stories which helps in understanding the concepts easily no matter how complex they are. This is how they are contributing to a fast forwarding world.

Since they are new in this domain as they consider themselves, they want to take themselves to a spot where they can challenge the established enterprises of their niche. They have got one of their office in Europe too. One of the best thing about them they give a 100% money back guarantee to their clients and give attractive discounts as well. They can come up with multiple solutions for a same problem and create it in multiple languages.

Get in touch to Video Chef:

10680, NW 37th Street

Coral Springs, Florida
USA, 33065
954 603 4409

  1. Blink Tower –

A South African based company and present in the capital of the nation has produced some of the most beautiful stories for their clients. They have got a unique style of working hence considered as the best in their niche. They have subcategorized their work in several steps which helps them in understanding the project easily and assists them in delivering the video in a short span of time.

  1. Hook up
  2. Concept
  3. Script
  4. Visual Style
  5. Voice Over
  6. Animation
  7. Sound and Music
  8. Delivery

Their team is their strength and have got Mozilla and Investec as their clients.

Get in touch to Blink Tower:
Unit 42, Roeland Square
Roeland St
Cape Town, South Africa

+27 21 461 3803

The explainer video niche is growing at a fast pace and so are the companies who are behind the creation of these videos. Read best explainer video companies and get detailed info. Fast explainer video companies in India.

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