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What is poor quality video and what is good quality video

A video is an electronic medium which is used for the purpose of recording, copying, play back, broadcasting and displaying moving visual media.

A video is nothing but collection of numerous images being recorded in a sequential order and having a certain number of frames per unit of time.

With the passage of time, the quality of video is improved drastically and the experience of user has become rich and engaging when they watch any video on any platform. The quality of a video can be measured on certain factors with some of them being ‘PSNR’ and ‘Subjective Video Quality’. The PSNR is Peak to Signal Noise ratio.

The quality of a video is the characteristic of a video which is passed through a video transmission system. The video quality evaluation is performed to descript the quality of a video under various studies. The video evaluation is done on the basis of objective – which includes mathematical models and subjective–in which rating is asked from viewers.

A video can be categorized into two qualities

  1. Good quality video
  2. Poor quality video

Good Quality Video

The real power of the video is the ability to tell engaging stories and it has certain elements to make it best. The elements are ‘sight, sound, color, motion, emotions’. These factors when combined up makes a high quality video and contributing in engaging audience.

The videos with good quality has a high bit rate.

Good quality explainer video company
Good quality explainer video company

Recording Video in High Definition – To get a good quality video, it is extremely essential to record the video with a camera with high definition. The advantage of using a high definition camera is that it makes each and every frame (image) of the video highly clear and best fit to any screen of any platform which includes Smartphones, TV, PC, Laptop, Tablets and all other concerned devices in which the video can be played.

The videos which are recorded with a camera with a high amount of pixels, it is subcategorized as HQ or HD video. A HQ video is a high quality video and a HD video is the High Definition video.

An HD video consists of a higher resolution than the standard video (SD) and carries the display resolutions of 1920 X 1080 pixels or 1280 X 720 pixels. These numbers are the number of lines (pixels) present in the vertical display resolution. It means, a 720P video will have 720 vertical pixels per line.

On the other hand, a HQ video is a non HD video which was shot with the motive and capacity to deliver it in HD, but yet when the processing was completed, the product was not in high definition.

Poor Quality Video

Every coin has two faces. It is not necessary that every video carries a good quality, they often produced with a poor quality which is not liked by anyone, from producer to designer, to audience to critics. The quality of a video is termed as poor when it has certain factors –

  1. Choppy audio or video
  2. Poor picture quality
  3. Dropped frames
  4. Slow display times
  5. Stuttering
  6. Out of sync video and audio

The presence of these factors make the quality of poor go bad and the user experience an interrupted entertainment. The blurring screen, choppy audio isn’t delightful for any person who is watching the video.

In the case of YouTube and other online streaming portal, the 240p is considered to be the lowest quality of video with poor quality. The poor quality video is often compressed and is delivered to the user at a resolution so as to make it load quickly and it helps when the user has a slow internet connection.

But in order to make a strong online presence, it is highly recommended that to have high quality videos as videos are the best way to convey message and videos are trending the most in current era.

in digital arena, videos are the best method to deliver message to the mass and the quality of video matters a lot. Video is of good quality and poor quality and it’s important to turn poor quality into good one.

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