How explainer video is profitable

How explainer video is profitable

An explainer video is a short video which lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and conveys the right information to the user using animations and different styles. The use of templates and animations makes the video interesting and adds entertaining factor to it.

An explainer video is also termed as a home page video or a landing video.

The concept of explainer video was first seen back in 2007 when a video was created for micro blogging giant, Twitter and it elaborated how to use it. The video was designed by a company called Common Craft and the video became a huge success. It’s popularity can be measured from the fact that more than 10 million viewers watched the video and liked it. Since then, companies got attracted towards this innovative concept and started to use it in their brand promotion and reaching out to more people.

The explainer videos uses the simple concept of brain science and captures both auditory and visual senses inside it which makes them more interesting and gives a strong reason to people and companies to love it.

The use of explainer videos have turned out to be highly successful for companies and many studies shows that after using these videos in the business, companies have experienced more people coming on their websites, a strong audience engagement and a boost in conversions up to 50%, which is highly remarkable.

Reasons which makes Explainer Videos Profitable

  1. Shoots up Conversion Rate –

In a recent study, it has been figured out that the probability of selling of a product increases by 85% when a customer watches the explainer video of it. The study has come out from the tracked data of the conversions made, sources through which the traffic came to website how explainer videos changed the bounce rate of the web. The reason which boosts the conversion rate of the companies is that the explainer videos are highly engaging as they are filled with entertainment and précised information delivered in a very short time.


  1. Gives Best Description of Product Cum Service

A long written description of any product or service is always found boring by reader and often leads to the misinterpretation of the written text. This limitation of written text is covered up by the explainer video. The short video which may be of only 30 seconds and may be of up to 3 minutes explains all the information to the visitor. Also, it is scientifically proven fact that a human mind stores more visual data than any other form.


  1. Improves Search Engine Presence

The websites gains the maximum traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many others. With the updating guidelines to the content by these search engines, it has been clear that the websites with the video content gets more preference in the search engine rankings. By having appropriate keywords in the video helps in getting more decent rank in the search results, which is a add on benefit for these companies.


  1. Builds Creditability

It is one of those factor which every company strives for. It comes when a company have a huge of customers who are highly satisfied and the task is accomplished by explainer videos. If an effective explainer video is used by the company, it becomes easy for them. When the planning is implemented in a correct manner, the message is delivered to the audience in the right form and leads to huge traffic and thus getting more conversions, which is the ultimate goal of every brand. How explainer video is profitable.

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