How to make the explainer videos?

How to make the explainer videos?

Explainer videos are the short videos which lasts for 1 to 3 minutes but are powerful enough to demonstrate the complex problems into simple solutions. The factors which have made the explainer videos so popular is that they are both entertaining and informative and thus attracts a huge section of audience towards it.

The explainer videos uses the simple phenomena of brain science which uses both the auditory and visual senses. The reason which has put these videos ahead of all the traditional methods is that they have boosted the conversion rates to the organizations by a significant number of up to 50%.

It is a myth that the explainer videos are limited to established enterprises only, but this fact is incorrect. Explainer videos are for everyone who want to have a strong online presence and popularize their brand.

In this article, we are going to know the steps by which an explainer videos can be produced. To create an explainer video, the process is divided into a number of stages.

How to make the explainer videos
How to make the explainer videos

Stages to create explainer videos

  1. Script
  2. Voice over
  3. Explainer video creation
  4. Music and sound effect
  5. Measuring performance of video

  1. Script

When it’s comes to a fantabulous explainer video, the script is the heart of the concept. A video may have the coolest of the animations, best of the graphics, but it will stand nowhere if it has no solid script. The reason which makes the script an integrated part of the explainer video is that through script, the concern and problem of the customers are shown and the solution is served too.

Order of General Script –

  1. Quick overview of product
  2. Problem introduction
  3. Answer the problem with product cum service
  4. Call to action
  5. Broadcast your signals

It’s important to keep the script short and the language should be in 2nd person. An add on humor in the script will be an additional benefit.

  1. Voice over

Once the script is ready, it’s important to add the voice over. Some of the available options are:

  1. com – This portal gives a huge variety of options of voices to choose from.
  2. Fiverr – It’s become extremely easy to find a suitable voiceover for the video at the cost of $5 from Fiverr.
  3. Explainer Video Production

It is the main stage of the whole process where the actual animation is done on the video. To accomplish this part, it is really important to have people who are expert in their work and have out of the box ideas for the problems and have lots of patience as well as this stage takes time for completion. Free lancers can be hired as well to make the job easy for the team members.

  1. Music and Sound Effects

The use of music and sound effects in the explainer videos helps in making them a lot more effective and attractive. Some of the sources from which the sound and music effects can be extracted are – YouTube, Free Sound, Audio Jungle and few more. After completing all these processes, the explainer video is accomplished successfully and ready to be posted.

  1. Measuring Performance of Video

Once the explainer videois published, it’s really important to measure the engagement of the video and track the audience flow. It will extract the important data and help in understanding that how the audience is reacting to the video and what improvements can be made to the existing products or upcoming videos.

This is how a successful explainer video is made. Stay connected to us for more amazing updates on explainer videos.

explainer videos are the most attracting feature to get audience engagement and to create an explainer video, it takes an expert team which divides the task in number of stages and accomplish one by one.

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