Importance of explainer video

Importance of explainer video

The explainer videos have gained a lot of popularity all around the globe and have dominated all other marketing strategies present around the world to create a strong online presence. In the era of digital media, more people are coming online for the first time and experiencing something very interesting through innovative content. Importance of explainer video.

An explainer video is a short video which lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and ‘explains’ the products cum services of a company to the visitors and serves a simple solution to the complex problems which the users face. The explainer video is also termed as home page video or landing video.

The first ever explainer video was seen back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft created a video for Twitter which elaborated how to use the website. The website became very popular and people from all parts of the world liked it and it got more than 10 million views. The video turned out to be a stepping stone in making it a micro blogging giant.

The explainer videos are very important for the companies as they help them in boosting their business and increasing their brand awareness among people.

Importance of explainer video
Importance of explainer video

Importance of Explainer Videos –

  1. Presenting Problem Statement in Best Possible Manner

Often the concept of companies are very complex and hard to understand by reading the written description. Here, these explainer videos turns out to be a handy solution for the companies as they elaborate the concepts of a company in a very simple manner. These videos are made using the combination of graphics, animation, motion and hence makes these videos amazing and worth to watch. These videos helps in connecting the people with the companies in a smooth manner and gives them a reason to them to be potential customers for these organizations.

  1. Simplicity increases Interest

The reason which makes these explainer videos amazing and worth to watch is that they enforces standards in them which makes them dominating among all the methods which are used for marketing purposes. Through explainer videos, the whole concept of a company is demonstrated within a time period of 1 to 3 minutes. It makes the presentation effective attracts the viewer towards to it thus making it the audience engaged to the concept.

  1. Shareable Explainer Videos

In the age of social networking portals, the rate at which people share content with their friends and family has increased to a huge extent. In a recent study, it has been revealed that if the online user finds something entertaining and valuable content, the probability of sharing of content reaches to 90% which is significant. Thus these social networking sites are one of the best source to catch the attention of more people from different corners. One of the best feature of these sites is that they are not restricted to a particular area or domain. A post can be liked by person sitting in India and same can be liked by person in USA, thousands of miles away from India.

  1. Explainer Videos Boosts Conversions

The short animated explainer videos helps the people in connecting better with the company and their products and gives them a reason to purchase the products cum services of a company. These videos serves a better personality of the business in front of the audience. Brands have experienced a boost of up to 10% to 50% in their conversion rates.

Hence when these videos when used effectively and strategically in the business, they do wonders for the companies and loved by the people.

explainer videos have been very important for companies as they engage audience for them, increases their brand awareness and raise their sales by a huge hike. Importance of explainer video.

Nowadays appellate attorneys also use explainer videos.

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