The Best After Effects Templates

The Best After Effects Templates

The Best After Effects Templates

What is after effect template and by what way this is easy in video presentation

I am sure you all might have heard the name of Adobe Photoshop. This is a powerful tool which is the brahmastra for the people engaged in editing field. Many of us might have done editing at various platforms like MS-Paint, and Photoshop etc. Nowadays, there is a huge trend of selfies and picture uploads on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. Everyone wants to look the best in those photographs. For this, many of them do editing. Nowadays, editing has become easy by the use of various mobile phone applications and these applications are so good that you can make your photo better than before in a wink of seconds. Apart from that, the king which has ruled the world of photo editing is Photoshop. There are many features and tools available in Photoshop by which you can enhance your photograph. You can even perform cropping and place your photo somewhere else such that the people viewing your photo will not be able to recognize whether the photograph is real or it is photoshopped.  The Best After Effects Templates.

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Thus, these are the powerful tools for editing. Another name comes into my mind when talking about editing. And this is none other than After Effects.
And when talking about after effects, the only name which everyone will be familiar of is Adobe After Effects.

After effects is an awesome application through which we can enhance our video quality by using visual effects, motion graphics etc. This application is mostly used in the field of film making. After effects is a wonderful application which can be applied in tracking, compositing, adding animations, keying etc.

Other functions which come in mind when talking about after effects is that it can also be used for three important applications. It can be used as an audio editor, as a media transcoder and as a basic non linear editor.

Adobe is the company which is currently the major demand in the market of after effects. Going into its history, After effects were originally invented by Company of Science and Art, which was later acquired by Aldus Corporation which was subsequently acquired by Adobe. Adobe released its first version as 3.0.

There are several plugins which are supported by after effects. These plugins add extra functions or properties to the existing functions or properties of after effects. Many similar products like after effects is available in the market. Few of them are:

  • NUKE

A perfect application of after effects comes from the field of advertisements and marketing. Yes, you got me right. It is none other than an explainer video. Explainer videos are becoming a popular and strong method for online promotion and are highly used for creating awareness about your product or service in the market. Nowadays, the trend of advertising and promotion has almost changed. Now, people do not employ several people to roam all around their predefined areas and do the promotions about their product and services, this work was tiring, time taking and quite costly as well. Now people adopt another method of advertisement and marketing, which is called as Digital marketing. This digital marketing includes several tools such as E-mail marketing, Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc. Most of the people make videos and make them viral throughout the social media, which is actually very comfortable method of promotion. In fact, a lot of money and time is also saved.

There are many methods to enhance an explainer video, few of them are as follows:

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