The types of explainer videos full detail of different kind of explainer videos


Explainer videos are small duration videos and used for the description purpose. For a company product and service demands marketing and for which company puts a lot of money. Explainer videos are the messengers which provide the details about the product and directly send the message to the people. Videos are the best way to express the message and main thing is that it is less time consuming. Besides this the area in which explainer videos can be used is very wide. It can be used in almost every organization from medical, agriculture, computer to engineering industry. There are many types of explainer videos and these are explained below:

i.            2D Character Animation: This is the most widely used type of explainer video. In this type the characters and background scenes are created in 2D space. This will create an illusion in depth of which the message is encoded. 2D animation communicates directly with the audience. This is perfect video platform for the business to business and appeals with ideal content.


ii.            2D Motion Graphics Animation: This type of explainer video is a straight forward type. For a company which is trying to explain the complicated product or service, 2D motion Graphics animation is the best platform. It will help to gain trust for their brand.

iii.            2.5D Animation: this is a 3D animation platform. This will provide more interesting and motion elements which will worth for the time and money invested.

iv.            Whiteboard animation: This is a simple whiteboard drawing which is used to explain the deeper thought for a product and service. This is mainly used for business to consumer type. It helps to understand the features of product easily.


v.            3D Animation: This is best type of explainer video but quite costly. If you are willing to put cost and wants to gain the brand value, then this is the best option. This platform clearly puts the thought in a 3D space and makes user interaction at a higher level.

vi.            Live Action: In this type the live action is performed and it is useful for the companies those want to make a potential relationship with the customers. This videos show the real people in real conditions.

vii.            Live action with track elements: This platform has endless possibilities because in this video is tracked with the 3D elements. These elements give wide areas to represent the product and services.

  1. Stop Motion: In this animation video is created by capturing the small moments in a sequence. This platform is very simple butt time consuming. The objects are framed down in small moments and appeal for the message in a simple way.

ix.            Typography: In this platform the text and fonts are used in an expressive and interesting way. Each and every word holds a story and delivers the message about the product and service.

    x.            Screen Cast: In this video the narrative screen of a device is captured and used to explain the features. For example for a new mobile in the market this technique is best. It explains all the features as you use them.

All these types are used according to the business strategy. Under the light of concept and knowledge the explainer videos are the best for the description of product and service.

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