These Marketing Agencies Cracked the Code to Social Media

These Marketing Agencies Cracked the Code to Social Media
These Marketing Agencies Cracked the Code to Social Media — Instagram: @socialsquaredca

Jacob Walter and Matthew Firth started their business venture in 2017 by providing freelance web design work in their spare time while also growing and selling Instagram pages. As the demand for their services grew they founded SocialSquared and began building their team. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, SocialSquared has become one of the premier Canadian marketing agencies and now provides services to over 25 businesses nationwide. Notable clients include PerfectSense (a canadian memory foam mattress company) and iSi Live (a Canadian webcasting company). They are also working with a large restaurant chain called Lick’s Burgers, developing an e-commerce platform for Licks to start selling their burgers online. SocialSquared will also be in charge of establishing their social following and managing digital marketing campaigns. SocialSquared understands that every business is different and every business owner is different, and specializes in tailoring their social media services to the needs of each individual business owner. They are known for applying innovative strategies including influencer marketing, paid campaigns, and comprehensive hashtag strategies.

Farida Design — Instagram: @faridadesigngroup

Farida Design Group is unique from other marketing agencies in that it has never spent a dollar on self-marketing. The CEO, Bryan Farida, applies his extensive background with social media to increase the company’s publicity. He manages to connect with many clients without ever having to pay for an advertisement or message them directly. He upholds that the goal when marketing is not to convince your target audience of anything, but rather to show them how you are going to improve their lives and help them achieve their goals. To do this, Farida Design Group praises that you must build trust, as an agency is only as good as its previous clients’ experiences. That’s what separates Farida Design Group from its competition—the experience it provides its clients, ensuring they are 110% satisfied before they ever pay a penny. To ensure this is true even after they pay, Farida Design Group offersfree additional revisions for any project. In the coming years, they plan on expanding into software engineering to create novel tech-driven marketing solutions.

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