Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

Some of the most successful business ventures of all time began from humble origins. While 2020 has been a tumultuous year for entrepreneurs, for others it has been among the best times in recent memory to start a new business and persevere through the adversity. With this in mind, the businesses that set themselves up best now will be the ones that take over in the months and years to come. These 5 entrepreneurs set themselves apart for not only surviving 2020, but thriving during it, continuing to grow their business. They represent the best of their respective industries and the ones poised to continue making big gains. These are the 5 top entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.

1—Anmol Singh

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Instagram — @DeltaNinety, Twitter — @DeltaNinety

Anmol Singh is a financial trading and investment entrepreneur. After graduating from Brunel University in London with a BSc with Honors in Business & Management, Anmol knew he wanted to combine his business acumen with his financial knowledge. Anmol got his start in the financial industry in 2010 when he first began trading. Despite his extensive background and education, Anmol found few resources to teach him how to achieve success, and had to work hard to make real money through trading. This led him in 2015 to found LiveTraders, a program in which he coaches and trains other aspiring traders or just those looking to supplement their income by trading passively. LiveTraders not only teaches people all they need to know about making money from the markets, it also funds aspiring traders by providing initial capital, giving them everything they need to become successful. The success he was able to create for others inspired Anmol to write a book detailing his advice, entitled Prepping For Success — 10 Keys For Making It. Anmol has quickly become one of the premier financial experts and traders, turning a profit faster and more consistently than nearly anyone else while passing on his guidance to an ever-broadening audience of traders. Anmol hopes to build LiveTraders into the largest training academy for traders and investors in addition to launching his own hedge fund in 2021.

2—Danny Barros

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Instagram — @DannyBarros4L, Website —

Danny Barros is the Founder and President of Hitskope Music Group. He is a visionary change-maker with over a decade of successful artist management and music marketing experience. Originally from Boston, Danny is a graduate of the Music Business Program at Berklee College of Music and holds a Professional Certification in Digital Marketing from Cornell University. He is an active member of the Music Business Association and Music Managers Forum US. Barros co-founded the D-Squared Entertainment Group in 2006, which quickly became one of New England’s major nightlife promotion and talent agencies. During his time at D-Squared, Danny produced nearly 500 live shows, regularly negotiating and planning performances for several A-List artists such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Steve Aoki and T-Pain. Now based in Los Angeles, Barros formed Hitskope Music Group to guide and develop artists on their journey through the music industry. With double digit years of experience under his belt and deep skills in artist management, creative strategy, brand marketing and concert promotion — Danny is a true example of a forward-thinking artist manager. He has already gained nearly 600 million streams on behalf of his clients and just recently launched a record label division of Hitskope Music Group in partnership with Breaking Hits™. Hitskope has signed several artists since its launch and they will be a company to watch in 2020.

3—Elvis Le

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Facebook — TheBapeDon, Instagram — @thebapedon, Website —

Elvis is a streetwear resale and e-commerce entrepreneur. Elvis was born in Vietnam and moved to the US at the age of 1. Not having a lot of money growing up, he tried everything he could to start making his own money. At the age of 15, Elvis started reselling streetwear brands. With only $300 that he had saved up from his birthday, starting out was a challenge as he struggled to learn everything himself with no one to show him what to do. In the beginning he actually lost money until he learned the ropes and began turning a profit from reselling. Over time, Elvis mastered the many different aspects of the reselling business and grew his business even further. He created a large network of connections which helped him progress more, and was soon making serious revenue. As his network grew he was able to sell streetwear brands to numerous celebrities and rappers, raising his profile. Elvis grew a substantial following and is now among the top players in the Bape game. After working with Bape for so long, Elvis can look at a Bape item for a few seconds and immediately tell whether or not it is fake. In the upcoming one to two years, Elvis hopes to open a physical retail store and apply his online reselling knowledge to a physical business.

4—Jordan Bernard

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Instagram — @jordankbernard

Jordan Bernard is a promotion and artist management entrepreneur. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Jordan was an avid music enthusiast from a very young age, producing his first concert at just age 12. Around this time, he was introduced to many of Jamaica’s top producers and engineers who worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Upon moving to the United States at age 16, Jordan continued on his quest to discover exceptional new talent and bring their music to the world. Now at the age of 25, he formed Jordan Kyle Management which works with various social media outlets touring the country with influencers to showcase their talents. These include Winter Lights Orlando, Boys of Summer Tour which he has been associated with for the past three years. His most recent venture is Social Fuze Live, a brand created for the European Market. He has also worked alongside Republic Records in scouting talent for Fox’s “The Four”. As a lifelong music and entertainment industry devotee who genuinely appreciates connecting with people, he enjoys bringing new artists to light. With a keen ear for music, he has extensive success in identifying hit singles from popular artists before they make it big. Currently a member of the Recording Academy, Jordan plans to continue to focus on artist/influencer management, producing shows and staging events.

5—Miggs Rosales

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Instagram — @miggsrosales, Website —

Miggs Rosales is a 19-year-old digital creative & entrepreneur. Miggs became known by serving as creative editor/manager for YouTube/Instagram content for some of the biggest names in the digital space, including Mikey Tua, Gavin Magnus, Lauren Godwin and more. At the same time, Miggs has closed brand & partnership deals for countless young emerging influencers and managed creative branding for some of the top social media event/clothing companies. Despite his immense success, Miggs is just getting started in the social media game. Always looking to do more and expand his outreach, Miggs runs his own 360 media company, Miggs Media (, while also running his own influencer merchandising fulfillment/service company The Happy Merch ( Through these ventures Miggs has worked with some of social media’s biggest names including Diego Martir, Jackson Felt, and more. The Happy Merch offers all kinds of merchandising services from product design to producing and shipping products to the customers. In 2020, Miggs is launching two new brands: Mixed Emotions Collective (a new luxury clothing store) and Create Academy (an online masterclass for young aspiring entrepreneurs and digital creators).

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