Explainer videos production


Explainer videos production

The first explainer video was created in 2007 by the Common Craft and was meant for just marketing purpose apart from educational and instructional goals. Later many companies came up to give a helping hand for the companies with their explainer videos. The trend for explainer videos increased and the product companies started hiring production companies to make the best explainer videos. There are several ways of producing an explainer video and every style has its own efforts.

Production styles

There are various companies who have different products. Sometimes there are products which have to be highlighted and sometimes there are services from the companies which need to be highlighted. It is the production company which decides what kind of style will suit the best for the product or service. However, sometimes even the product companies can choose the style, since they too know what they are intend to sell.

1.Whiteboard explainer video – The white board explainer video is one of the most common techniques to produce explainer videos. This is technique where an instructor uses a whiteboard and draws different figures to explain about the product and this is recorded with a camera. This is not just a traditional technique but is also cost effective as well as easier to understand.
2.Motion Graphics – This is an art where life is shown through animation technology, Such a style makes use of technology which has graphic elements like shapes, colors and various patterns. This is a style in which the information is conveyed in an elegant and systematic movement. This technique can be compared to whiteboard animation as it also helps to explain objects which are abstract.
3.Live Action – This technique needs the involvement of various artists and actors with a script and screenplay. Here everything is recorded with the help of cameras and people enact and show the product info by interacting with each other. Such a style is usually adopted by the companies which aim to develop a relationship with their audience through emotions.
4.Stop Motion – This technique can also be called as claymation which is a video that is developed with handcrafted objects which are set in different frames and are put together to create a video. When the frames are joined it creates an illusion when it is played constantly. This is also one of the old techniques used by companies. Such a technique is usually chosen to create a sentimental value for the product which is published.
5.Animated Videos – This can also be called an explainer video in cartoon style. The producers can create stories and make a play with the help of animated videos which can ultimately reach the product. This can have plenty of colors which can lure the audience, some soothing music and a catchy line which can attract the audience instantly.
6.Screencast explainer videos – Screencast videos are usually preferred by the companies which have a lower budget as they are cost effective. It involves the capturing of the computer screen or a smartphone and is usually used at campaigns where the customers can try before they buy.

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