What is the use of explainer video for website or product

Explainer videos are short videos which are used to explain the product or service of a company in an effective manner. In this video user interaction is the main element. In the present competitive world interactive and imperative way is required to explain the user ability and reliability of any product or service. Explainer video is basically a short duration video which lasts for one to two minutes as required by the product and service. It points out all question regarding the product and service and provide appropriate answer. It tries to explain the reasons about the product. It means that for what purpose the product is being used and how it solves the problem. So one main question arises is what is the need for the explainer video rather than a report or article.

Well, the report and articles consist of many words which required a user which can read all to understand the product. On the other hand explainer video is a short duration video in which the different element are added up to make it interesting. In this video animated and fun element are included which helps to understand about all the requirement of product and service. Every product and service requires marketing and this requires cost. If the marketing is not enough to make it clear about the product and service then the cost goes in vein. Therefore, it is required to provide the information about the product and service in an efficient manner. Explainer video is good tool for marketing.

Explainer video consumes some time and provides the information in an effective and practical way. The key advantages using the video rather than text and description are that videos are much more engaging. One picture can explain some thousands words, so what a video can do? In the present time the users are not willing to put their time in reading a text for so long. Therefore, a video is worth of many thousands words with giving user an enjoyable period of time.

Explainer video is very useful for the new product or service because user get all the details in the first instant of video. The best thing is that user won’t get any wrong message. Video provide the details in one or two minutes whereas text ends up at a confusing level usually. Explainer video can increase the chance of conversation for nay product. The video can explain for all segments from technical to non technical. For example consider a company tries to explain the safety precautions in the airplane. Now imagine what a video can do in this sector rather than text or description. Explainer video is for every product or service from medical to engineering. The most important thing is that video can explain about the product and its functions in one place. Explainer video finds its importance in every aspect. An organization which wants to prevent people to buy the unnecessary gifts and things and wants them to donate to the charity welfare can use the explainer video for this cause. This message when encoded in a small video provides the real message directly to the people. Therefore, explainer video is much more reliable and less time consuming then a text.

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